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Our Ladies

All of our ladies are super special and extra sweet. They are precious pets in our family home but were also excellent show dogs. We are proud to introduce you to our leading ladies who make this kennel so enjoyable.

Leanora (Retired)

Leanora is an American and Canadian Grand Champion. DAM Alborada Tokushima (Grand Champion) Sire: Scorybrek Gwynne (Canadian Grand Champion). This gorgeous girl has been an excellent addition to our kennel and home. Her pups have went on to become champions in the show ring as well as make beautiful pets.



Our Little Luna as we call her is a Canadian Champion and loves to snuggle. Luna is a playful dog who loves the farm life and playing with the other animals on the farm including the goats, chickens and cat. Her pups make amazing show dogs and pets.

luna puppies.jpg


Sweetie is a One Pound Sterling (Canadian Grand Champion) and Leanora (Canadian & American Grand Champion) Pup. Due to Covid Sweetie was unable to hop in the show ring. She will be expecting Puppies October 2022 Sire ForestfielddarnielleRobbie (Canadian Grand Champion).

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Star is a Leanora (Canadian Grand Champion & American Grand Champion) and Rider (Canadian Grand Champion) pup and she proved herself in the show ring at a young age. Star is a Canadian Champion.



Minnie Mouse as we call her is a Roxey (Canadian Champion) and Polaris (Canadian Champion) pup. She is 18 months old and is our little lap dog. Minnie likes to exercise and play with all the other canines, she keeps them young and spry. She also loves to cuddle with our children and is soo attentive to the baby. We are excited to see what this lovely young pup will do in the future and what she has to offer to our kennel.

Minnie Show.jpg

Roxey (Retired)

Roxey is from a European bloodline, she came to us all the way from Romania. Roxey is a Canadian Grand Champion.  Roxey was our first Westie and has a special place in our hearts. Roxey is retired but her job doesn't stop there. She welcomes every new pup and is our kennel mascot.

Roxey Girl.jpg


Sky is 9 months old and has recently become a Canadian Champion. We are so proud of her. She is a Luna (Canadian Champion and Rider (Canadian Grand Champion) pup. She really brings the westitude to the ring and will be continuing on for her Grand champion in the next months to come. 

Sky champion photo.jpg


Ivory is 6 months old and is a Sweetie and Robbie pup. She is our playful sweet addition to our kennel. Ivory loves to play with her big sisters and of course her human siblings. She smiles when she gets excited and it really is the cutest thing! She will be making her debut in the show ring this fall!

6 month Ivory.jpg
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