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We are currently expecting a Daphne/Comet litter June 2023. Please contact us for more information on availability and to be entered on our waitlist. Please expect 6 months to a year wait for a puppy, we thank you for your patience.

What we offer

All our puppies are purebred, Canadian Kennel Club Registered and recently had a health check from our veterinarian. All pups will receive their first vaccinations and will be available when they reach a minimum of 8 weeks old. Pricing is available upon request.



We raise our puppies in our "puppy room" until they are old enough to socialize with our other dogs and learn manners. We work with the pups to exclusively use puppy training paper until we can introduce them to the outdoors. The puppies are handled with care by our family and are accustomed to being around small children making them excellent family pets.

Jack and male pup_edited.jpg


If you are unable to pick up your puppy from our location in Manitoba we will work with you to transport your puppy safely to you. We have worked with families in the past to transport pups all over Canada and the U.S. Please contact us for arrangements and any questions you may have.

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